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How to remove stuck breaker point on Model 19


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How to get started, no pun intended - My B&S Model 19 in my Simplicity 725 has a spark problem.  I rebuilt the engine, replaced the coil, rebuilt the carb, and had the engine running.  I had good spark, but now not so much.  I couldn't get my breaker point out to replace them earlier and since my spark was good, I didn't worry about it.  Now I don't have good spark.  I get misfire or no spark. 

I decided to change out the points and condenser since this is all that is left with the ignition.  Problem - I can't get the breaker point off.  It is frozen to the tapered portion of the breaker shaft.  I loosened the nut holding the breaker point on to the shaft, tapped on it,  and no go.  I didn't want to ruin anything so I  pulled the breaker box assembly off to get better access to everything.  Still no go with getting the point off the shaft.

The side view of the breaker box picture shows no shaft movement at all.  I've applied liquid wrench to the top of the point by the shaft, yet tapping the shaft nut still does not move the shaft loose from the point.

Any ideas before I take my Dremel to it?  Thanks - Dick

Top View.JPG

Side View.JPG


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Never had your exact problem. But, the Dremel may be the only way. Might try heating the pivot with a propane lighter. Your points are likely not the problem, cleaning them might be the solution. Replace the condenser, which is likely the problem and try gain, after only cleaning the points. I found some new old stock Briggs points a couple years ago for a 243431 engine in my 65 Landlord. I put them in and have not touched ignition since. Before then, was replacing the chinese version at least yearly, and constantly cleaning the points in between condenser changes

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Thanks for the replies.  I've got a new condenser from B&S that I can use with just cleaning the points.  I'll try some heat;  I really don't want to try and grind the point off the shaft for fear of ruining the shaft.  Maybe electronic ignition is on the horizon.  My other 725 with the Model 19 B&S has run problem free for decades.

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