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17 hours ago, Bill725 said:

Very interesting seeing a mower deck under the loader frame. I did not think it would fit.

I believe the manuals at the time indicated you could use the deck.  Not sure where I found this but it was in my archive, B-12 with deck and loader. 




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On 12/14/2023 at 6:23 PM, ParkerBarker said:

Latest score.   Is the variable drive reliable on these?


Quite a nice score. I would suggest getting an extra varidrive belt while they are still available. I notice it has right hand lift too. You hit the jackpot! 

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What a find.

Would be an awesome set-up for regrading.

Mount the grader blade instead of the deck to the right lift.

Run tiller off standard lift (shame it is not a hydro lift)

Till soil loose, use bucket to scrape up and move, then the grader to finish level.

Stirrups like the later graders would make that easier though.



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I have a grader blade with stirrups  and a hydro lift (round tank) and a gannon blade with AC mount. Im gonna have to hit you guys up for more info later, Im afraid of the ideas swirling around in my own head.

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Here is mine from when I had to regrade the slope after we had the driveway pad repaved and enlarged.  They did not get the grade to suit me.  I used the Legacy XL in the background for the soil removal.  Since it was "fresh" soil I did not need to use a tiller.  The Gannon did fine with the teeth loosening the soil.  

Just cannot take to big a bite, digs in and lifts the front up.



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2 hours ago, ParkerBarker said:

Is there a favorite place to order a varidrive belt?

I got one from simplicity a couple years ago but I don’t know now that Briggs dissolved the simplicity line if it will be available. Was kinda pricy too. If you get ahold of one keep the original one as an extra spare if it’s not too bad. The variable speed can be reliable as line as the sliding pins and linkages are not entirely worn out. The belt stops and measurements are key to trouble free operation. Very nice tractor I hope to find one with a loader someday as well. Attached is a picture I saved here a while back of the page from the manual for adjusting the belt drive.


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