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Rebuild BGB or not


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I have a question in regards to changing the BGB in my 990314 landlord tractor. Currently there is about 1/8+ of side to side play in my gearbox. I have an additional gearbox that has already been rebuilt. Is that to much play, everything works as should. Go with old saying don’t fix if not broke, or replace, just a matter of time? Any advice or comments would be greatly appreciated. 

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I think that is too much end play. Since almost all of the parts are NLA for the older boxes with the 3/4” shafts, I’d remove & swap before potentially damaging a non replaceable component. Verify the torque on the right hand pulley nut is correct first. I can’t tell you what it is without looking it up.

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I assume "Side to side" means play in the cross shaft.  If your BGB is stock, your cross shaft has a "step" to locate the bevel gear:


So there's no retaining ring to come out of the groove and slide down the shaft. 

IMO, baring something major inside the box, something is amiss with the spacer/pulley/nut on the tranny drive side (right as sitting on the tractor).  


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On 12/18/2023 at 12:58 PM, Jr.lll said:

Currently there is about 1/8+ of side to side play in my gearbox.

FYI, most of us identify tractors by the model, Landlord 9, not the manufacture no. 990314.

Are we talking about end play, which is along the cross shaft centerline axis or rotational play? If it is end play, check to make sure there is enough shim between the RH side plate and seal.

Also FYI, the Landlord 9 has the older small BGB of which parts are NLA from Simplicity.

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