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Legacy “Tunnel Seals”


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IMG_4109.thumb.jpeg.a3a59bfc275a7870dfa8978bf94276ef.jpegA couple of years back I removed the disintegrated remains of foam seals along the center tunnel that, I assume, manage intake air to the engine (Kohler C23H) cooling fan. I ordered them new, they were back ordered/unavailable and it is apparent that they will never again be available. Going on the premise that Simplicity installed them for a legitimate reason, I want to replace them.

I bought some seemingly similar foam, made and installed the right & left seals (#15 & 17)on the sides of the “control tower.” I do not remember where the other seals go, those being the ones circled in parts pic. Anyone have a Legacy that might be able to take a couple of pics that I could work with?

The two seals that surround the drive shaft (#18) look simple enough, I just don’t know whether they go on the front or back side of the bulkhead. The center seal (#16) is more of a mystery. Does it go on the underside of the tunnel, ie stuck to underside of tunnel, above the driveshaft as the diagram line seems to indicate or does it go on the base of the “control tower, meaning it would be visible from top side of tractor, inside the air intake screen?? I realize this isn't rocket science, just trying to do it right the first try.

Any help would be appreciated.

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On 12/19/2023 at 5:20 PM, bccan said:

Any help would be appreciated.

Basically the foam keeps the airflow across the radiator from coming anywhere other than from the screen mesh under the dash in front of the seat.

The front and rear foam pieces fit on top of the edge of the tunnel plate above the driveshaft.. Then other parts sit on top of the foam and hold it in place.




These pictures are from the underside of the tractor, and they are not the best, but the tractor is packed away for winter and hard to get at right now, so thats the best its goin to get for now.


 This following picture kinda shows how the foam is tucked in down in front of the mesh screen in front of the seat.  The orange lip is the foot plate pan( mine is painted orange, but they are supposed to be gray. Sows how it sits up over the foam.



Best I can do at the moment.  Like I said the foam is to prevent air from coming through the radiator from anywhere but through the screen mesh. Keeps the air from coming  from under the tractor. My Kubota BX is the same way, only with it its not foam, but plastic bolt in panels. On it , if you have a heated cab, you take the panels out  in the winter, then cover the screen mesh . That way it draws all the air from under the tractor  rather than pulling all the warm air from out of your cab.  You cant do this with the Legacy and its foam setup. I'm sure they had an angle on this, but dont know what it would have been.


Hope some of this helps...

 If not, well the advice was free ...and free to discard

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Thank You.  I had you figured as my most likely advisor!  My deck is still on so I can’t see much under the tractor.  I’ll see if I can figure that out when I put the snowblower frame on.  The lower control tower foam pic is definitely helpful, I can whip that up and get my screen reinstalled.

Thanks for the help!

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