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7016 rear lift


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i acquired a system 7016h and am trying to install rear lift cable. is it correct that this model raises the front and rear the same? i.e. pull back lift handle to raise and forward to lower. rocker shaft appears to be that way. never had this before. thanks

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Yes in the stock configuration that is the way the cable lift works.

But there is a "work around".  The cable can be rerouted as depicted in the operators manual for the HD Tiller. The one that drives from the end, not the center.

Problem is it needs the cross lift shaft to be of the new style, or the bolt on adapter added.


I set my 716-6 speed up like that.  Same frame/size/ vintage as your 7016, just the Allis numbered version.

Poke around with the search function, some thing should pop up.

This is the op manual for tiller 1690287, full manual can be found on Simplicity site via search.


Like this one, first one popped up on an ebay search for "simplicity lift shaft.


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Here is a pic of what Greg is talking about. The black rockshaft has the reversing loop on the left that allows use of a counterweight on the front lift to help with the heavy duty (and heavy weight) tiller. The cable can be set up either way - stock or reversing. The orange shaft is the original that would be on your 7016. The lift cable goes over a pulley mounted to the frame and pins to the straight double lever on the shaft.

If you go shopping for a reverse loop rockshaft, note the difference in length between the two shafts. The longer orange shaft is set up for the manual lift handle. The black shaft is from a newer sovereign with a hydraulic lift. It won't work unless you install an electric lift on your 7016. They did make longer shafts with the loop. I found a used one on ebay. I have used it to operate a blade on the front and an earthcavator on the back. When one goes up the other goes down. It works, but is not really a great arrangement - I use it now for a rear counterweight for a snowblower.

I put electric lifts on my 7016 and 710. It is a great upgrade and they show up on eBay from time to time.

Your post only seems to ask how to hook up the normal rear lift kit. Unless you have some specific purpose for the loop version, the stock lift works fine for the usual attachments - tiller, plow, cultivators and other one-point and custom implements.





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