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Alli’s Chalmers B110 coming out of retirement


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I have an old Allis Chalmers B110 that I restored but haven’t used for a few years

we moved this year to New Hampshire where we get more snow then we used to!

I have a Honda 5518 that does an awesome job of blowing snow, but what snow turns to rain

as it sometimes does I want to be able to plow a few inches of slush off the driveway. My question is

Did Allis Chalmers/ simplicity make a plow or the b110 and what does it look like ,I would like to try and find

one. I have ag tires on it so I think it could handle it as long as I don’t try an overload it

thanks for your help. 

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Any "large-frame" plow for Simplicity/Allis Chalmers should fit your tractor. They are generally available and cheap ($100 or less). Try and find one with a lift bar, but one could be made fairly easily. I don't see any for sale at the moment in your area, but here's an example.


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4 hours ago, Gcabinet1 said:

What does the lift attachment look like

would this one work?


Right blade, but wrong hitch. The hitch on that blade pictured is for a small frame lawn tractor like the older yeomans and Broadmoors...and its missing half the hitch.

The blade you want would be like the above, but the arms going back would be longer and have a metal  tab sticking up at the end of each arm with a hole in them to pin to where you mower deck would pin.


They also made heavier blade  model that you could adjust the angle from the seat.


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"Heavier Blade" mentioned above by Sam:


Note: Blade was widened 3" on each side by PO.  


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