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Kohler TH18 swap to B.S. Vanguard questions


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My neighbors brother has a new vanguard 16hp pull/electric start that he is selling. I know this has been disgust before but I can't find the posts. My question, is there away to use the flywheel adapter for the driveshaft off the TH18 on the Vanguard. SEW sell a Vanguard engine with a kit for the repower but won't sell just the kit. My Kohler TH18 still runs okay but I can get the Briggs for a song. Any advice is welcome.

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I can't answer your question but a post about adapters:


And @colincox1 used a stub shaft and universal joint in his conversion:


A @wwbragg post also about a stub shaft:



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Its been toooo long ago for me to remember just how I did it, but around 2003 I put a 16hp Briggs Vanguard in a AC 917. Used  the cast iron driveshaft adaptor hub off a 8,9 or 10 hp cast iron briggs from a  early to mid  60's Simplicity . Cant remember which tractor but  the engine was before briggs was using the all in one aluminum starter generator beltpulley/driveshaft adaptor. 

These early setups used a muti piece arrangement. Steel pulley/aluminum spacer/cast iron driveshaft adaptor/ steel flywheel nut lock.

I think I used the adaptor and the spacer. May have had to space it more, but cant remember. I also think the holes were pretty much inline with the holes in the flywheel on the vanguard, but dont take that to the bank. I may have had to slightly file the holes on the adaptor...but dont think so.  I also had to open the flywheel  air screen up to accomodate the adaptor setup.

 I do know I ran that tractor for a couple of seasons, and blew snow for at least one winter with it like that without issues before I traded the tractor off along with others for a Massey subcompact..

Its worth a looksee if one has the parts laying around anyhow..

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