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Serf or 206

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I am thinking about making a butt bugg and I was wondering if a 3.5 hp would work in a serf or 206 just for riding around. I have so many older push mowers with good running engines that I could use. I know that if you don't have the blade on it won't run because the flywheel is so light so I took a old flywheel I had off a briggs 8 and I put it on the 3.5 hp engine and it still runs so that solves that problem, but I am wondering if it would have enough power. 2. would the tranny be able to take a speed up to 5 pr 6 mph from 3.7? and finally how much can I expect to pay for a serf or 206 without a engine? I know where a 206 is with a shot engine but the guy who has it thinks everything he has is gold :-) Thanks for any help! Andrew

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