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Some years ago, my cousin sold me an A-C 811GT with mower deck and tiller.  It had been re-engined at some time I was told with an 18HP Briggs (on edit a 14.5 Industrial/Commercial OHV B&S).   I also have a CC but compared with the old Simplicity./AC I would have to even TRY to mount a tiller on such a flimsy POS (it was grandsons' deceased great Uncles so bought for sentimental reasons - and the fact it had about 40 yours on it).  Grandkids and Grandma use it to tow their trailers around farm & garden.

The 811 is a bit too much of a brute for the little boys, but seems about right thing for rototilling garden (original intent) and I finally have enough time and work space to tie into it.  Before I can even think of looking around the site to figure things out,  In need to plead absolute ignorance about this machine.   Could someone give me the basics about what Simplicity and/or other models are related to the 8xxGT?   I would like a shop manual but need to know my options to begin even looking for one.  I am assuming I will have to use my M-F 1440V to open new space (unbroken prairie grass) but haven't equipped and commissioned it for new duties yet.

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Heres some pages from the research section

T-800 Series - Research - Simple trACtors


Simplicity 6011 is the Simplicity counterpart to the 811 Allis.


8 & 11HP - New in 1978 - Simple trACtors


They continued this  basic lawn tractor design with some improvement up into the 90's I beleieve. Mainly changes in available transmissions.


The 30" tillers for the 800 series tractors were not a "live power" tiller.  Step on the clutch to stop or slow the tractor and the tines also quit turning.  These are no so great to till sod or infequently tilled garden areas. Best to initialy break the ground with a plow and then disk before running one of these tillers through it. My opinion anyhow.

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