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The littlest things can seem like the end of the world sometimes


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This is a testament to how sometimes things can go wrong, in the best of ways.  This came out of my son-in-laws 7119.  His M20 that was in it had blown completely, and we took this MV20 and converted it to a horizontal (not a difficult task at all).  Anyway, he has been running it for a few years, complained of carb issues and poor running, so I know he experimented with a Chinese carb, a different Walbro, etc.  Then, last year it really stopped running correctly and he thought it had dropped/blown a cylinder (no compression).  So we were going to swap out engines for a KT19 I had , told him to hang on as I have a few tractors coming in next week with good engines but electrical problems.  In the mean time I dove into the MV /M20.  Low and behold, look what I found:  , carb linkage holder, stuck between the valve and cylinder, just funky enough that it didn't want to come out.  Hard plastic, no damage, back together and bench tested in about 20 minutes, runs like a top.  

I had a similar issue some years ago with a Sunstar.  In that instance it was a cap screw from the mounting plate for the air filter.  That one also kep the valve open, but damaged the seat and valve.  I had the valve and seat repaired and that too ran like a top.  Sooooo much better than a blown rod / engine.  Sometimes, the tractor gods look down and actually smile.  Sometimes, things are not a s bad as they seem.



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Almost, Bill, almost.  It was just big enough at the rod insert portion that it wouldn't clear and come out. I actually had to work at it a bit to get it out.  Buy yes, it could have been kicked out of the exhaust side perhaps, or just eventually burned up or made some other mess internally.

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Plus, one more little bonus:  those plastic linkage clips are kinda like gold when you need one.  Now I have a spare!

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