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Another 6216 joined the fleet!


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This would be my second 6216. My first 6216, has transaxle and belt issues. I was hoping to find another 6216 as a reference or parts machine. For the past year, any that became available were too far from home and too pricey. I came across this tractor on FB marketplace. Being sold by a relative of my wife. I've bought from him before and he's bought from me. He lives only 20 minutes away and was asking $125. He informed me that this unit was mowing grass last season so the transaxle is working. However, it has some electrical issues that he no longer wanted to deal with. I am getting pretty fair at dealing with electrical issues in tractors. Plus, I have my first 6216 to reference. The mower deck on this one, appears to be missing a pulley and a pulley cover. However, I still have a complete deck for my first 6216, that isn't being used. (6216 #1 has a rototiller attached to it). This thing appears to be in wonderful shape and I look forward to mowing some grass with it!




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