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Simplicity 4212 Re-power -- Successful so far!

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I finally decided to give my factory 12hp 1987 B&S engine a break.....before it tosses the rod!! This engine had just shy of 1500 hours on it. Just finished up the installation of a Briggs 16.5hp OHV I/C engine. Ordered the engine off the net and arrived at my door in 2 days. Pretty much a bolt in project with exception of a couple of extra wires that weren't on the old engine, and the exhaust had to be moved to the right side of the frame. I ended up welding a plate over the muffler's original outlet and re-drilling new holes, as I had to flip the muffler around to place the inlet pipe on the right side of the frame. Cut and re-welded the original pipe to fit. Have pictures ready to develop will post as soon as I get them back. This baby screams through tall grass now!! Even with the gull wing blades and grass catcher system. In extremely tall grass, the grass actually spills over the blades and comes out the rear of the deck, but doesn't even slow the tractor down!! :) Does anybody know if Simplicity ever installed an OHV Briggs engine in the Regent?? I would like to order a correct muffler and pipe for one if they did. My re-weld job doesn't look to bad, but would rather have the correct pipe if available. Kind of a nit picking thang!!

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