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Internet Problems, Forum Slowness, etc.

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Don't know if you're aware, or how much it is to blame, but MCI/Worldcom has just admitted to having severe network problems over the last few days. I read this article in this morning's paper....

MCI is even offering to pay damages to major ISPs such as AOL, MSN, etc., for the poor/lack of service. MCI provides about 40% of the "long-haul" fiber-optic backbone for the Internet.... When it's down, the switches will automatically try to reroute the communications via alternate routes (thru Egypt or wherever, or via the already crowded lines of ATT&T, Sprint, Qwest, etc.)

Again, I'm not sure of how much this has contributed to the problems the site has been having. I know that tonight (Tuesday) is the first time that I've been able to successfully update the entire website since last Thursday. I haven't even been able to "surf" consistently in the evening through AOL....

Regardless of the causes, I'm am considering both moving the site to another host(again) because of the poor tech support AND finding another alternative to AOL for my personal ISP.

Just thought you might want to know....

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Check out Galaxy Internet Services. I use them for my
ISP. They're cheap, $9.95/mo with no long term
commitment. I have had an average/above average user
experience. There are occasional slow periods, and
once in a great while I have been denied access. But
who knows where the problems are. For the price, at
least it's a little bit easier to digest. I've used
AOL, ATT, and IDT, and I would say without a doubt
I've had the best experience with GIS. The url is
www.gis.net. Don't confuse with www.galaxy.net. They're
a different company. GIS is local to Ma, in Newton.
Hope this helps.
[A href='www.gis.net']www.gis.net[/a]

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