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Simplicity Regent 4208

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Hi All, This is my first time here. I must say that this is a very impressive website. Now onto my problems. I recently aquired a Simplicity Regent 4208. I stole it for $100 and I am very determined to make this machine 100% operational. Here is what I need and hopefully someone can help. 1. Where can I find the Product Numbers? I have found numbers on the 12hp Tecumseh engine but nothing else. 2. Does this machine come with a 12hp Tecumseh engine or has this been replaced? It seems to be original but all the reference I can locate indicates different. 3. Below is a list of parts I would like to find new or used: A.Repair Manual B. Carburator with Linkage. There seems to be some linkage missing off of the pull start housing. Someone added a universal cable to operate the throttle and it is un-operational. There is something missing from the mechanism that the cable hooks up onto to the actual throttle plate. All the cable does is run the choke at this time. C. Muffler D. Plastic grill. If it possible to find one that will fit and has headlamps that would be great. E. Original orange paint or exact color name so I can match it. This winter I would like to strip and restore this machince to mint condition. F. Finally, Any information on how to locate the year or any further info on this machine. I seem to be starting to be consumed by this tractor. Feel free to email me direct at jroy@fcwh.com with any info. Thank you, Jeff Roy

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