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Update for Maynard

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I just got an email from my former supervisor that had the Briggs 16HP. This is the one that was blowing the oil back up the breather tubes. He said after I sent him the response that said about putting ATF in the engine and letting it run for a bit was good. It spit oil for for about 2 minutes and started runinng great after that. Now he says when he shut it off again he can't get the gas to flow right and that's where he quit for now. I recommended cleaning out the gas tank along time ago to him thinking that something might be in there bad after 2 years of sitting. But he didn't and now he HAS to. Just wanted to give you guys an update on the ATF in the engine to free up the rings idea that Maynard told me worked great. Thanks again, Kris It got my former supervisor off my back. Once he found out I redo old tractors he thought I should help him. But my response was it's not a Simplicity or an Allis I don't know anything about it. LOL

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