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Oil pressure setting for CCKA

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Bob, I parsed, cut , and pasted my search results from the yahoo kohlerandonan group below. Hopefully it's what you seek. Tom (PK) ---------------------------------------------------- From: kendreyacres Date: Mon Mar 25, 2002 7:17 am Subject: Onan Twin Oil Pressure Does anyone have any experience with Onan or Kohler oil presuure requirements? I have an Onan B43M-A016, 16 hp twin. With 10w30, 40 degree ambient, my hot idle pressure is 15psi and 3600 rpm is 25 psi. Cold engine will do over 40psi. I run 30wt in the summer and last fall it pulled about 27psi at 3600 rpm. The only thing I can find in a service book is full speed should be 30 psi. If anyone has insight, i would appreciate the info. Thanks! Kendreyacres. ----------------------------------------------------------- From: rivey88 Date: Wed Jan 26, 2000 3:26 pm Subject: CCKA Onan Oil Pressure I have a gravely 816 w/onan 16.5 ccka. the engine runs great smooth and strong, doesn't burn oil. Last night when I started it the oil light came on so I shut it down immediately. The oil is full and was changed about 5 running hours ago. Is there a way to check the oil pump to see if it is faulty? Where is the sending unit on this engine and how can I check it? Is it common or unheard of for an onan oil pump to just quit, I thought they were gear driven? Any help or advice would be most appreciated. Not in the position for a costly engine rebuild. Thanks. ------------------------------------------ From: BrianB28 Date: Thu Jan 27, 2000 9:01 am Subject: Re: CCKA Onan Oil Pressure Ok, I checked the book. The oil pump on the CCKA is in the gearcase behind the flywheel. According to the service manual your oil pressure should be 30 psi at normal operating speed and temperature. There should be a port to check the oil presure. There is an oil bypass valve as well; check it for proper operation. ---------------------------------------------------------- A short "bio" on BrianB28............ (I think he should be an authoritative enough source!) From: BrianB28 Date: Mon Dec 6, 1999 12:57 pm Subject: Onan Engineer Hi guys. I just found this club (yahoo kohlerandonan) via the lawn tractor website. I'm an engineer at Onan in Minneapolis. I see you have questions concerning Onan engines. Our service department is located here so I can take a gander at the repair manuals. If you have questions about your engine please post a note here with the model and spec number. I'll check on Wednesdays and Fridays for new messages and try to help you out.

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