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"Rebuilt Part." You Ask, "What Is A Rebuilt Part?" If you choose rebuilt parts, the rebuilder will use your vehicle's old part and replace just the worn components. If your vehicle's old part cannot be rebuilt because it is too worn, he/she will use a part from another vehicle (referred to as a 'core'). If a core is used, than he will replace only what is needed in the core. For example, if an engine is rebuilt, maybe just the bearings and piston rings need replacing (the original crankshaft, pistons, and connecting rods would be used). This approach, in lieu of using new or remanufactured parts, usually saves the customer money. There's just one glitch. Mechanical wear is relative. Before rebuilding, all of the components within the unit are equally worn. After rebuilding, some of the components are new, and some are 'used.' Although the 'used' components still function and do not need replacing, they are worn to some degree. Such factors as heat stress and cracks, as well as other factors, causes wear that is invisible to the human eye. Consequently, other problems could crop up later, resulting in premature failure of the 'repair.' This & $1.00 might get you a small Coffee Maynard aka/UCD

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