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Totally off brand questions


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I have a guy looking to sell me something called an Accutrac. But I can find no info on it no where. I tried Yetmans, and the usual search engines. It is very much like a Magna Trac, (which I had been looking at buying) but made in Canada with 30hp Duetz diesel. What the heck is a little dozer like that classified as? Estate? Compact? Compact dozer/loader/track-tractor? Anyone have a clue how/where else I might try for info?

For proper content......Still s-l-o-w-l-y coming along on the Big Ten. Trying to get an old Delco generator put together for it now. Got a battery that fits! Seems I read something here about someone not being able to find a proper size battery for a "B" model. It took three stops before I found one for some model of Honda, that fit perfect. Higher ampereage than those little tractor batteries too. Champion #51-1. ......Take a breather while I continue on another post :o)
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