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Compatibility of attachments between 725 & Landlor


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I own a ‘66 Landlord (2012) and may have the opportunity to buy
a 725 with some attachments. Would anyone know how interchangeable
the attachments are? Thanks.
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This is just from my research and not first hand experience, but I think all of them should be interchangeable between a 2012 and 725.

The ONLY variable that I know of is the gear ratios (based upon size of pulleys) between the bevel gear box and rear powered attachments such as a tiller. Somewhere in the years of early production, Simplicity used both a 3.5" and 5" pulley on the bevel gear box to power these attachments.... My 1970 model B-210 (3210 equivalent) seems to have used a 5" pulley, while some earlier tractors used a 3.5" pulley. I'm not sure when they changed...

The most that would be required would be for you to need to change a pulley to make the rear attachments work at the correct RPM.... However, all other hitch points and connections are the same, so the basic implements are interchangeable....
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