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4040 running problems

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my 4040 haas been giving me problems, it will run fine for about twent minutes then shuts down with some dieseling and groaning. then will start right u and rund for a while again repeatedly. so i tried a new set of ponts and condenser and same problem, plugs are clean, tried it with loose gas cap no difference, i did notice the fuel filter has almost no gas in it, and the fuel pump does leak some. Any good ideas where to go next ? John s.

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I'd start with the fuel pump or outlet of the gas tank. Not sure where the pump is located on your tractor but it sounds like either the leaking pump is also not working properly or the outlet of the gas tank is plugged with something. Sometimes rust or insects (flies, bugs) will somehow find their way into a tank and then plug the oulet tube. I've seen this with my Farmall 460 tractor and my AC 712S. You could take the fuel line off from the tank and drain it into a container and see if the flow is steady or if it is slow due to obstruction. Good luck Stan

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