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My starter just clicks when I try to start my tractor. sometimes if I bang on it while turning the key it will kick in and start. I took it apart and greased it and that did not help. It was fairly clean and greasy to start with, so I think it is an electrical problem. Is there any easy way to take the solenoid apart to fix a broken coil or whatever (and get it back together again)? does anyone know of a car starter with the same bolt pattern, gear teeth and rotation? Im sure a lot of people would be glad to find out.

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HI, I suspect you have a significant voltage drop in the wiring. We make a kit to address this problem. To verify if the hit will fix it, check 2 things. 1: Measure the voltage at the [small] energize terminal when the key is the start mode. 2: See if jumping from the Battery cable on the starter to the small energize terminal. Use something like a screwdriver. If the starter kicks in stop immediately. If the voltage on the S terminal is below 9 volts check the voltage on the battery terminal to ground and see if it is above 11 volts when the key is in the start mode. If the voltage on the small terminal is 9 volts or less and the battery is staying above is up around 11 volts our kit will probably fix it. Check out the details Kit UK-1 $29.95 on our repowereng.com. site Normally I would tell you to call us on the 800 number, but right now we are trying to get the phone company to get it fixed. Hopefully in the very near future they will get it working. [2 phone companies pointing the finger at each other] Just fill out one of the request for info forms and e-mail it and I’ll call you [If you are interested] You are lucky you have a 7790 with wire wound fields when you pound on the starter. If you had a Briggs or Kohler with the permanent magnet fields, they would be cracked from the jarring and the starters would be not repairable. The only fix would be a new starter. About one third of these starters we sell it is because someone has pounded on them. Good luck, Al Eden

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I checked that and found that my charging system is not working. I traced it down to the alternator under the flywheel. I just thought that if the battery had enough juice to turn the motor over it would actuate the solenoid. I guess I have to pull the motor one more time and remove the flywheel to replace the alternator. Big expensive job.

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