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Egged Mounting Hole Fix

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I recently took my 46" plow mount apart to make templates for Gerhard, and decided to take care of the slop in the mount holes before putting it back together. A couple years ago the feet on the skids wore through and the plow mounts were pretty sloppy. I cut the old feet off and welded heavier plate in place. At the same time I cut off the old mounts from the plow and made new ones out of 3/8" plate and welded them on, but farther apart than the original mounts. I used a longer and larger bolt since the mount holes were egged out too and the upsize helped solve the problem after I cleaned up the holes some. When I had it apart I noticed that even the bigger bolts had noticable wear. One other thing I had noted was that the wider spacing of the plow mounts had given me some side to side movement and made the whole plow sound loose. It was also contributing to the wear on the bolts, I suspected. I cut two short lengths of pipe that would fit between the plow mounts and were large enough for the bolts to fit through. I filed out the mount holes enough to hammer the pipes in and dry fit it to the plow. Once I had the spacing right I took it apart and welded the pipes in place. Now the side play is eliminated and the bearing area on the bolts is a lot stronger and larger too. There is probably enough room to add a grease nipple if you wanted to. If you want one and are doing it this way, just space the plow mounts far enough apart to allow room for it. I will also be doing this upgrade to the plow mount pivot pin on the HD hitch for this plow. One added benefit is that the spring for the angle latch will attach around the pipe instead of the pin, allowing easier pin removal and faster changeover for any other implements mounting to this hitch. The changeover would amount to pulling a hairpin clip and the pivot pin and sliding the whole plow and mount off. This would also mean making a mount for each attachment to fit this hitch and allow 5 angle positions.

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