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Mower Deck Landlord vs. Broadmoor

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Hello everyone, I got a 717 Broadmoor earlier in the summer that I have'nt had much time to mess with.The mower deck on the 717 that I use has a bad bearing in one of the spindals.Instead of taking it apart right now I thought I would put the other deck from the parts traactor I had gotten on it.I got to looking them over and the bracket with the lift chain was on the wrong side so I moved it around to the right side.Swaped the blades and started to mount it up to the tractor and I'll be dog gone if the mounting ears on the deck are way to far apart.Could I have a deck from a Landlord?Do both decks have the same shell with different mounting hardware?I will have to get back out there and look but I dont think there is anyway to make this deck work on the 717. I have been wanting to get a larger Simplicity or AC.If this is a deck for a larger tractor then I have a excuse to get a bigger tractor dont I?LOL mowerman1193

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