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Simplicity MFG #'s question

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Hi Everyone, I have a lawn and garden tractor parts club/group on yahoo and someone posted wanting info on what a mower deck fits.I replied for him to try to find the I.D. tag and come to this site and look it up in the what fits section or post here.Well the guy emailed me and he says the site was confusing to him and ask me to try looking it up for him.The MFG # he gave me was 169*708.He said that the one # there he could'nt make out but thought it could be a 0.Well as far as I know that would be correct as they usually just use the last 3 digits.Anyway I could'nt find that # in the what fits section so I thought it might be to new for that.I took it one more step and tried the Tech site and came up with manuals for 5000 & 6000 series tractors and decks.Funny thing is that some of the decks are 36",42",and 48".I guess the best I can tell him is that it fits the 5000 & 6000 series tractors,but how do you really find out what deck he has beside a tape measure?Also how do the dealers look up parts with that kind of system?Maybe I am missing something but seems like it could be really confusing. Maybe someone here can help me answer his question for me. Thanks, mowerman1193

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Hi, The Simplicity system works very well. There are a couple of little glitches. In t he 60s, the model # started with 990xxx. Many times the name plate only had a number like 690 on it. This would be a model 990690. The 990 was assumed to be a given. Later they went to 169 numbers. 169 numbers indicate a whole good [power unit or attachment] these items usually have a serial number also. Things like wheel weights and catchers con't have serial numbers, but have a 169 part number. Many of the companies we deal with have nightmare systems compared to Simplicity. ALL kits start with a 168 number. A kit may be as simple as a part and an instruction sheet. If so it gets a 168 kit number. Regarding the mower decks, A number of the decks in the same family have different 169 numbers but almost all of the parts may be the same. Then you get into families. of attachments. The early Landlords and Sovereign, 7000 and 7100 families used deep deck left hand discharge decks in widths of 36, 42,and 48". The 4000, 5000 and 6000 had vertical shaft engines and consequently the decks needed to be right hand discharge. Decks for these were make in 36, 42 and 48 inches. If you have the 169 number you can find anything you might need on a particular item. If you get confused just yell there about 4000 people here that can and wiall help. My 2 cents worth and it is free. Value accordingly. Al Eden Regarding the

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