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Back with my (Grandpa's) 64 Landlord 990314 again and I'm looking forward to actually using it this winter to shove a little snow around. (Read your farmer's almanac - we're due for drought busting snowfalls this winter in the NE. wish, wish, wish) I'm thinking about weights and counter-weights. I'm guessing that wheel weights are preferable to frame mounted weights as the weight would only be stressing the tires. Anyone have any experience with the generic plastic ones that you fill with sand? Do they hold up? Will they tolerate impacts when it's cold? What about anti-freeze in the tires? The local JD and the local MF dealers swear that this is the only way to go. (Step-Father-in-Law has one of the new mid-sized diesel Massey's on order - the family is deeply divided.) Anyone know the approximate weight needed on the rear lift to counter-balance the snow blade? I'm guessing that the load of this weight should be shared by the lower mounting points and not be borne only by the lift sleeve. So many questions, so many projects, so little time. Dean

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I use hang on weights. They are easy to put on and take off. They can also be moved easily to adjust front-back balance when changing attachments. I have made most of my weights from pieces of steel that I have found. I weld a hook made from a cut off piece of angle iron. I have angle iron racks that mount in front of the rear wheels, on the rear behind the fenders, and one that mounts on the front axle. I can remove the racks when attachments are added. As far as the counter weight, one can be made from a set of weight lifting barbells. Cut the bar off to the length you need, and drill a hole to attach to the lift tube. You can then add the amount of weight that you need and attach with the collars. As far as the plastic wheel weights are concerned, most people that I know will fill them full of concrete. I had one set of these and they worked pretty well. I traded them off to a friend. Didn't want them on when mowing the lawn, and hated to change them. Rod H.

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I have a allis chalmers model 608 garden tractor that I use for plowing snow with and I use the plastic wheel weights filled with concrete with no problem. It also helps to use tire chains to get better traction. The snow blade that I use is about 40" wide and I have little difficulty plowing snow.

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