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BGB help!

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My 2012 Landlord recently began making a loud popping noise coming from the BGB. It makes the noise when you let out the clutch. I started looking it over and discovered that the output pulley on the right side was loose. the nut was loose and the keyway wallered out. I did a little tightening up (the nut) and this stabilized the pulley but did not stop the noise. then I discovered that the input shaft was rocking up and down. I removed and disassembled the BGB and found that it looks pretty good inside. (bearings and gears appear ok). the input shaft and bearing slid out very easily, though. i'm hoping that the case is not wallered out. I taking the output shaft to my machinest tomorrow to have him machine a new keyway 180 degrees out from the old one. I'm thinking about having him machine for a straight key instead of the woodruff key, I think this will work better. any advice on the keyway or anything on repairing a BGB would be appreciated. Thanks, Jon

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