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Just a fast note to all members. I recently had to go to a dealer to buy some BGB oil seals.2 of the 3 part #s had been changed by simplicity.I think that not all dealers are updated by the manufacturer by new microfisch or computer discs,there are most likely dealers out there that rely on printed parts catolog ,and most likly relying on "paid labor"to update these pages.I am in a buisness,that is similar and,I know that on many occaisions the page never gets put in the books or computer, if you may,if we dont do it ourselves. Bringing the parts catalog you may have for your machine, may help so you can update at least the parts you may have used more then once. This may be helpfull,especialy on ordered parts where we may assume,that they know what we are ordering,without a description of the part. Not all dealers ,have the pleasure nor the $s to have factorys,update their computers,nor are they as knowledgeable as our sponsors on this site,in fact a lot of them have purchased a lot of these buisnesses as an investment,and are left with employees that really dont take care of their respective job positions as the prior owner, may have said they did. Sad but true !!! Many times during the day ,I have to stop what Im doing at any given time to help a customer,where the people we pay for that knowledge just dont know the answer to. Just a thought !!!! I always appreciate the help I get here.Thank you all for being here. Pete. [Another friend of Bill"s]

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