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shuttle update

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Using Pat's description, i created a checklist for this problem here's what i have found( it may be a loose nut behind the wrench:) but first i would like to clarify that a loose belt i take to mean i can spin it by hand on its respective pulleys. if this is wrong please let me know! IN nuetral, the short belt is not loose enough to spin by hand, shuttle band is not loose brake pad is tight against inboard sheave. In forward, short belt is tight. brake pad is away from inboard sheave. Shuttle band is loose. In reverse: short belt is not loose enought to turn by hand. brake pad is away from inboard pulley sheave only by .020 inch shuttle band is tight to drum. I still havent had time to open drum but i decided to check the operation and post in hopes of further advice Thanks, Tim

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Tim A loose or slipping belt does not mean you can turn it by hand. It means it will slip under load. A belt that appears to be tight can slip. This is caused by worn belts that do not conform to the shape of the pulleys, glazed belts or pulley faces or wrong type of belt for application. A belt that is 1/4" to long for the application can have an adverse affect. A tight belt should not have more than 1/4" deflection when pushed down in the center between pulleys with your hand. The belts should Stop and be held by the belt guides when you disengage them and the pulleys should turn free with out moving the belt. An old belt becomes limp and loses it's resistance to flex and will just lay on the pulleys when disengaged and not flex and contact the belt guides or belt stops there by allow the belt to continue turning the pulleys. I hope this makes sense to you.
IN nuetral, the short belt is not loose enough to spin by hand
Is this with the transmission in neutral clutch engaged or transmission in neutral clutch disengaged? This & $1.00 might get you a small Coffee Maynard aka/UCD

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Tim, the clutch pedal position makes no difference on the short belt. It only releases tension on the long belt to stop everything behind the BGB. With the shuttle lever in reverse, the short belt should be loose enough to spin by hand. It is actually a clutch which engages the inside (transmission side) sheave and the outside (shuttle drum) sheave. When the planetary gears are engaged by holding the drum with the brake band, the transmission input direction is reversed through the drum while the drum is still turning in the forward direction. The inside sheave is fastened directly to the input shaft and will go in the reverse direction. If the short belt is not loose enough, it is applying pressure to both sheaves, each turning in opposite directions. As I stated in my first post, I am not real good at explaining things with words. Don't be afraid to question anything and ask if you don't understand. I will do my best to explain it more clearly. Pat

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