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Puller's Pulley?

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A while back there was some talk about using an adjustable pulley for tractor pulling, one that could be tweaked to the track. Well, I think I have something that's right up that alley here. It is stamped "Browning" and "1VP44 X 7/8" and it fits the PTO side of the BGB cross shaft. It can be adjusted 1/2 turn at a time to move the two sides closer or farther apart. The large key holds the two pulley halves in alignment while the small one keys the whole assembly to the shaft it goes on. While this one isn't the right size for driving the tranny drive belt I'd bet that similar ones are made in the right sizes to work. I got this off a 480 volt hostile duty 3 phase electric motor. Perhaps this will give you pullers out there something to work with, or at least a place to start looking if you want to try one. Here it is apart. As close as it will go. Apart to where the ends are flush with each other. The large key and two diametricaly opposed keyways.

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Kirk, What most pullers need is a gear ratio somewhere between 2nd and 3rd on the three speed, depending on engine power and tire size. That pulley looks larger than the stock pulley, It may be possible to use one like this by raising second gear. It will probably take a smaller tranny pulley to get in the needed adjustment range. I was considering one for my youngest son who was pulling my 61 Wards, but we decided to give up pulling after this season. New rules in this area have taken all of the fun out of it. I guess 16 years of pulling is enough. Rod H.

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Kirk, I tried an adjustable pulley very similar to what you are showing. I found that I could not get a smooth clutch engagement with it. I think the belt was getting pulled down into the sheave, and locking it up. This would launch the tractor off the line. I felt it was too hard on the equipment. As I had all the straight pulleys, I did not pursue this further, but I DO think it has merit. I believe it would work on the driven side. But I would need a pulley that can adjust from 4.5" to 7.0" (not posssible), so I would need a couple of them. They cost over a $100 each! For years I ran the Simplicity vari-drive system, and as Rod stated, most pulls 2nd gear full high range was a little too slow, and 3rd gear low range was OK but did not give me any on the fly adjustment. I would have been great to work in the middle of the vari-drive to give adjustment both ways during the pull. I take my best guess and change the driven pulley for each pull, and usually run in 2nd gear. P.S. I forgot to mention that the vari-drive did slip with the 20hp magnum engine, but never had a problem with the 12 and 16hp. Good Luck! Mike S.

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