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Laugh of the night ! Wanna chuckle read this !!!

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HI GUYS .....I just got back from a 1/4 mile ride . Problem solved !! You would have to read last posts by me of last night to see what Im talking about. Well the problem is solved seems when I removed the cluth/brake rod where it goes to the idler pulley there was no washer on the outside of the frame,I thought I would do that justice by inserting a larger cotter pin on the rod on outside of frame ,so naturaly I forced a larger pin then what was there. Well the problem was this,I rolled the pin around the rod as you should,right ? Wrong ! The pin slipped into the slot and the cluth/brake could not return all the way ,so the 7/8 " measurement was way off,so ,not enough travel !!!! While you are all laughing remember that this "nuts about bolts" guy is too .The difference being I am humble enough to tell all of you this. Remember some of the unexplainable blunders you may have done in your time and held them inside as a secret !!! Its time to let them out !!!! Lets hear about them. I have to say "thanks" to you that responded and emailed I had tried everything to no avail. Sometimes you and I are a little nuts on here , remember "we are here because we aint all there ",dont beleive that ? ask anyone of your wives or family members,they just dont understand about "tractor guys" You might want to set to memory this 12 or 14 hour crisis, I just went through and call on it when someone else posts the same problem. Seriously you guys are the best on the internet,I appreciate you being here.I am still laughing at myself !!. I tried to post this from AOL but the site froze up when I went to preview,befor posting . I will not preview this one just send it. I am proud to be a member of this group. Thanks again. I always appreciate the help I get here.Thank you all for being here. Pete. [Another friend of Bill"s]

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