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Loader comparison

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Has anyone ever noticed that on the old B-series loaders there were differances in the size of the front bucket ? I was looking at a B series front end loader manual which shows a B-10 on the cover. This is also the first style ( I believe ) with the hyd. pump and resv. mounted right in front of the tractor and uses a drive coupling to the crankshaft. The manual doesn't designate this loader as a L-10 or L-12 but does make referance to it being on a B-1 or B-10. They say the bucket is 33" and has a 3 cu.ft.capacity heaped. My L-12 manual which shows the loader on a B-12 says it has a 43" wide front bucket with a 4 cu. ft. capacity heaped. They both can lift 300 lbs to full height. I never realized there was a differance. Also because of the location of the pump and resv. on the first style the loader arm cross member is much further ahead than the L-12. Just trying to learn as much about them before I start my fabrication ? Al

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Al, Have you visited these links > http://www.simpletractors.com/parts/l-12/l-12_loader.htm http://www.simpletractors.com/attachments/l-12_loader.htm http://www.simpletractors.com/attachments/l-10_loader.htm

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Al, Another thing to consider is that these loaders used only single acting cylinders. The cylinders would lift against the load, but the only force that could be applied in the other direction was the weight of the components. If you are designing your own, you may want to use double acting cylinders to apply force in both directions. This also, usually, requires a different configuration for bucket attachment and cylinder mounting. You may want to look at some commercial equipment to see how it is done on the larger machines. This is just food for thought, take it as you wish. Rod H.

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