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Retrofit B&S 23 h.p. Vangaurd to Simplicity 3215

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I am retrofitting a Briggs 23 H.P. Vangaurd to my Simplicity 3215 and so far all is well. But , I need to find the correct muffler and manifold pipes to use . Can anyone help, Please , thank you, Fraser. fraser@cbcdirect.net

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Fraser I had a similar problem when I put a Briggs 23 hp in a 9020. I could not find anyone that had the right size tubing to make the custom exhaust pipe I needed. I cut the pipes on my muffler about 2 inches away from the mounting flanges then ground one of at about a 15 degree angle then welded it back together. It was really pretty easy to do. On the other end of the muffler I used a piece of rigid conduit that an electrician friend bent for me. It was larger in diameter than it needed to be but it worked out just fine. The conduit was a little trickier to weld but I managed and I'm a novice welder. Good-luck!

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Welcome to the club. Never heard of a 3215. If you are speaking about the 3210 or 3212, Briggs part #807752 muffler kit will work very well. Includes manifold, muffler and all attaching parts. Puts the muffler in nearly the same position as original. Price is somewhere in the $60 range. Not bad considering this is about the same price as EITHER a Vanguard muffler or manifold, seperately. This kit will also work on a 3415, but the muffler will be outside of the hood. One hint, regardless of which tractor you have: Mount the exhaust system to the engine BEFORE calculating the exact engine mounting position. There is very little fore and aft clearance for the exhaust pipe on either model tractor. This can be overcome by notching the hood on the outlet side on a 3415, but your only alternative on the 3210/3212 is engine position. Pat

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