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throttle and govenor linkage help

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Hello all, I'm back but this time with some pictures showing the engine, carb, and linkages. This is a broadmoor tractor with what I think is a 6hp engine pull start. Question is where does the second cable hook up. This is making me crazy. where does it go. Is the first cable on correctly? Am I missing any pieces? picture #1 [url]http://image.photoloft.com/opx-bin/OpxFIDISA.dll?s=cano&src=/PhotoLoft/Asset20/2002/12/10/10215/10215591_0_9487.fpx,0,0,1,1,512,384,FFFFFF[/url] picture #2 [url]http://image.photoloft.com/opx-bin/OpxFIDISA.dll?s=cano&src=/PhotoLoft/Asset20/2002/12/10/10215/10215589_0_2119.fpx,0,0,1,1,512,384,FFFFFF[/url] Picture #3 [url]http://image.photoloft.com/opx-bin/OpxFIDISA.dll?s=cano&src=/PhotoLoft/Asset20/2002/12/10/10215/10215590_0_7070.fpx,0,0,1,1,512,384,FFFFFF[/url] Picture #4 [url][/http://image.photoloft.com/opx-bin/OpxFIDISA.dll?s=cano&src=/PhotoLoft/Asset20/2002/12/10/10215/10215592_0_2507.fpx,0,0,1,1,512,384,FFFFFFurl]

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Wizzo, My son an I have a Broadmoor 707. The one cable goes to the level where you have it hooked up. This is for the throttle. The second lever goes to the choke lever. From the pictures it looks as though the lever is broken off. This should be on the outside of the carb in line with the choke plate in the carb. I had to get a new carb for my son's just for that same reason. In your second picture...Note the hole closest to the inlet. See the small threaded hole beneath it. That is for a spring loaded tension screw to put pressure on the choke lever. You can still get these carbs new from your local dealer for around $110.00 Hope this helps. Jeff

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If the engine model starts with 17 it is a 7HP, if it starts with 19 it is an 8HP, however you may still have a 6HP Broadmoor, or a 707 or a 717. It looks like you may have the rod going to the choke, the throttle is the one furthest away from the control bracket. Or you may have the choke rod in the wrong control hole and be missing the throttle link rod all together. At any rate the cables may not match correctly. I would suggest getting the B&S manual for details on the linkage and then worring about the cable hookup.

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