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3416H Snowblower hitch

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Hello to all. I just saw the hitch setup for the 7100 series. I was wondering if I could use the same setup on my 3416H due to the frames being so close to each other? The center PTO looks to be a much easier system compared to the front engine PTO setup? I have read some other articals on making changes to the hitch and then you could use the center PTO. Is this true? Is it also true that the 7100 series hitch is more forgiving on belts? Any and all info would be great. Thanks Jeff.B)

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The center Idler assembly on the 3400/7000 series is quite a bit different. Both Idlers are on the pivot bracket while the 7100 series has only the smaller idler on the bracket. The larger pulley onthe earlier ones is fixed while the 7100 series is movable in a slot so you can compensate for belt stretching. You could "maybe " use it if you added a tab to the bracket to set the front (smaller) idler straight forward. The 7100 series bracket has two tabs, one set at an angle for the mower and the other more straight ahead for the blowers. Anything is possible if you have the right tools and enough patience and know how. Sam

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To expand on what Sam stated, club member and long time dealer Al Eden explained,
I believe that all of the 900/7100 should have the front pulley on the center PTO mounted in a slot in the tractor frame. This pulley is moved forward or backward to tension the belt. There is a red and green decal behind the rear pulley arm. The front pulley is moved to position the arm in the center of the green triangle when the tensioner is tightened. The 700/3400/7000 [short frame] tractor have both idler pulleys on a common pivot shaft and that is why it is a problem to drive a HEAVY load like a snowthrower from the center PTO on these tractors. On the 7100/900s the fixed problem solves this as the tension is on the slack side of the belt and the load pulls against a fixed pulley.
Al made those comments when I posted my hybrid hitch design > http://www.simpletractors.com/do_it/snowthrower_hitch.htm

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