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Starter Will not engage - not solenoid

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Hey dutch is right same thing happened to me luckily you know what your problem is i changed the solenoid and every electrical thing the best thing to do i think is buy a new starter mine was 87 bucks and it hasnt left me stranded...mike

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I would try Dutch's suggestion first. Sticks once in a while on my 716. I can get a screwdriver in behind the drive and jimmy it loose. Then I just touch the key to get the gear to engage so it's at the end of the spirals. Spray the shaft with carb or brake cleaner and clean it with a small wire brush. Once clean, spray it with a dry lube like silicone spray. Has worked well for me. The other two possibilities are noisy. The starter gear could have the teeth stripped off. The other is the drive itself. It is, in effect, a ratchet. It is built this way so it is not supposed to overspeed the starter when the engine starts. If the mechanism is worn out, the gear will engage, but will not catch to turn the engine. Pat

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Grease will get very cold and stiff in winter. I use what is called "dry" silicon lube. It sprays on like paint and dries to the touch, but is very slippery. With no thick build-up there is nothing to jam the bendix when cold. If you are near a boating store, you can buy a lubricant called "sail kote". It is also very spippery without a buildup. Both come in spray cans so you can spray it on the shaft without removing the starter. I have two Kohler engines and don't use grease anymore.

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