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3410 deck problems

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Someone put the wrong middle spindle on this 42 deck off a 3410. Does the pulley height look right? The middle blade is lower than the other two. I plan to just get a different deck because this one is rusted out very badly, unless anyone has a better suggestion? Do the earlier 42 inch decks from 2210, b110 etc have the same height for the center pulley? I know the earlier decks have different brackets but I could use my old ones. Happy Holidays. -Chris

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What you have there is a older deck that has had the newer type splined shaft and split cup spindle/bearing housing installed. These are installed into older decks because lack of availability of the original type of shaft. Usually these use 2 aluminum spacers to put the blade at close to the same level as the others. The thing that most customers are not told is that unless you replace all 3 with the newer style using the aluminum spacer rings is that the blades will end up uneven in relation to each other. I have mowed with these decks having one replacement spindle like yours and the only way I could get them to mow evenly is to replace all 3 spindle assemblies. I have a 48" deck so equipped with all 3 new type spindles and it mows great. Does anyone know the part number for those aluminum spacers? and/or where I can get more? and how much?? All the ones I have obtained thus far have been off junk decks I have parted out.

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      Good morning peeps! I’m always searching for helpful information with my AC collection. Hope to find out new information and pass on my own experience in restoration. Here are some pics of my babies. I’m still looking for front rims for the 410 so yesterday I put the 310 wheels on took it for a drive. Working pretty good but still needs some carb work. Gotta get the 310 running next. Have a great day!😁

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      It's in pretty sad shape, but yes I have a yellow plastic cap that I'm fairly certain is what you need. PM me your details and I'll get it out to you.
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