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Annex sweeper for Yeoman

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Hello friends, I made some pictures of the prepare of an annex sweeper for you. The sweeper is tested and is priced functioned. Sin yet some littler work like for example that mount the rubber lips necessarily. Function manner The dirt becomes would brush hurled is located would brush and can be emptied by the turning (1000Upm.) into the dirt tub. it behind that like the drawer of an oven. [img]http://www.simplicity.at/kehr/seite_lade.jpg[/img] that drove resulted like in the Snow blower. [img]http://www.simplicity.at/kehr/antrieb.jpg[/img] The cover will open made to that. One can would divide would brush wrap more easily remove himself that around that. [img]http://www.simplicity.at/kehr/deckel.jpg[/img] side view [img]http://www.simplicity.at/kehr/seite.jpg[/img] dei sweeper can roll adjustably are blocked become on that that in its functioning height. [img]http://www.simplicity.at/kehr/vorne.jpg[/img] If the machine is completed, I will show pictures of the work with the machine. it will require probably yet the entire winter ... :D

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Gerhard that is a nice design. I can see it valuable for parking lots and inside manufacturing plants and warehouse buildings. Please keep us posted as you progress. Larry

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