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Hydraulic pump - Old Style

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Daddycat ran a post on the newer style hydraulic pump, valve, and cylinder. Since the valve and cylinder are the same on either system, I will show only the pump. Here is the old style hydraulic pump. Note that the tank is square rather than round. The control lever was missing when I got the pump, so I fabricated a new one.

With the front mounting plate removed, you can see that there are four mounting bolts entering through the front of the pump, to mount the pump to the tank.

Here, the tank and pump are separated.

The pump is now disassembled. Notice that there are no o-rings or seals between the pump and cover. Only a "loctite" type sealer is used between the pump and cover. The suction elbow easily pulls out of the gear cover.

Here is the relief valve assembly.

The four pump to tank attaching bolts have rubber coated washers to seal against the pump. I am replacing these washers with valve cover stud washers from Briggs & Stratton

The O-ring for the relief valve cap is the same as the newer style pump. #013, 1/16" wide, 7/16" I.D., and 9/16 O.D. The tank to pump gasket is easily made from gasket material. The only two parts left, are the needle bearing for the pump input shaft, and the input shaft seal. The needle bearing is Torrington #B-96. I don't have the seal number yet, as someone had tried "hacking" a seal with too great a depth. The seal dimensions are: 1" O.D., 9/16" I.D., and the recess in the pump body is 5/16". Pat

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I added Pat's info to the end of the original article, and did some very minor editing to make it all fit together -- I think.... http://www.simpletractors.com/club2/articles/hydraulic_lift.htm Do I have the tractor model numbers correct? As far as I know, the old style was used on tractors BEFORE the B-110 or Simplicity 2110. But, since it was available as a dealer installed kit, it could have been put on any of the oldies....

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Pat, et al: My Landlord 2110 had the hydro-lift retrofitted from an older tractor (101?) and thus it also has the older style square tank/pump. I used Permatex "Right Stuff" instead of a tank gasket. This is an excellent gasket maker and is spec'd by all the OEM auto manufacturers for use on oil pans, valve cover gaskets, etc. It is not silicon based and forms a perfect elastomeric seal/gasket that's impervious to oils, anti-freeze, and just about any other fluid except gasoline. It's a little pricey, but they quote "no leaks in over a million miles of fleet testing". I highly recommend it over RTV or other sealers. Tom(PK)

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