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Freebie Murray good for something


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You all might get a laugh out of this. Me and a friend picked up a murray11 for free last fall, yes sadly I am the owner of this tractor now. It smoked very slightly and had no brakes, sat for years but with a battery and some gas started right up. Here are some before and afters, please note I would never do this to a good tractor!

After a derby car "spraypaint special" [img]http://www.simpletractors.com/club2/attach/Chris727/afterpaint.JPG[/img] Now my friend has discovered that he can use the murray to replace a four wheeler, guess they're good for something.

please note the coffee can chrome tip muffler. and wouldn't you know even a bull's eye on the back!

And just so if any of you are offended by the mower going through a creek I would like to state that my friend drove it in the creek, not me. Now the murray is completely dismantled because we were going to redo the whole tractor and sell it, now my friend has backed out and I have to put it back together myself! I'd much rather work on my B110. -Chris
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