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Bevel Gearbox-need expert advise -update


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Per my subject yesterday about trying to install the spring/retaining clip that goes on the driving shaft of the BGB.... Thanks for the help guys , but I still was unable to get it installed per your suggestions.....However, after thinking about it today at work,I did come up with an easy method to install it , and wanted to pass it along to everyone , incase anyone has to replace this retaining clip because of damage , or removes it in a moment of stupidity , like me. First, secure the driver shaft so that it will not move. I have a lathe, so i just chucked it up, and locked the chuck in place with the back gear. Secure it by the end the pulley mounts to. Check to see if there are burs on the ends of the clip. Mine had some nasty ones--file ends if needed, otherwise it will gouge up the shaft. Next,I greased the shaft with lubriplate, but probably any grease would work. I placed the retaining clip up against the end of the shaft ,and took the bolt and washer that hold the bevel gear in place. I threaded in the bolt with the washer behind it followed by the ring. As you tighten down the bolt position the ring so that it is centered on the shaft, and tighten the bolt. Basically you are using the bolt/washer as a press . The end of the shaft is slightly beveled so once the ring is centered , and you tighten down the bolt , it pops right on. From there you can carefully work it down to the groove that it snaps into. Since these are not snap rings or c-clips , there is nothing to get a hold of on them . This method seems to work pretty well.(at least for me). It took me about 5 minutes compared to the 90 minutes I spent last night and gave up. Hope this helps everyone. Dave
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