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Adapting Sweepster hitch

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I got to looking at the Cub hitch that came with my Sweepster, holding it up to the hitch for a 42" snowblower. The Cub hitch is just a shade wider, no more than 1" but closer to 1/2" though I didn't get out the ruler yet. The arms for the Cub hitch fit just outside the blower hitch arms.

This view would be from the ground side of the Sweepster hitch. In the foreground is the chain sprocket for the Sweepster and to the right of that is the Sweepster pulley which drives the upper(smaller) chain sprocket. If you look directly behind and in line with the chain sprocket, you'll see the pulley for the blower. As I see it, simply switching the positions of the Sweepster pulley and chain sprockets should enable me to mount the Sweepster to a Simplicity tractor by using a blower hitch. I'm guessing that if the Sweepster pulley were positioned in the same relative alignment to the blower hitch as the blower pulley was, it would work. Only possible rubs are 1) Would the chain/sprockets interfere with the belt? 2) Would the upper shaft be adversely stressed by changing pulley and sprocket positions? Any thoughts, comments, or suggestions on this idea??? All are welcome and appreciated......

Here's the view of the pulley and upper sprocket as viewed from above as it would be when attached to the tractor.

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