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powermax double pulley question - pics

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hi - another question came up in the process of replacing my onan - when i went to put the double pulley onto the flywheel adapter on the new honda something was wrong - the bolts wouldnt go in - so i removed it to find the bolts tha fit my pulley and were on the onan flywheel are 7/16" while the holes on the new flywheel adapter are 3/8" - this was a major problem and stopped the project for awhile - i wondered if i had gotten the wrong adapter some how - if i was to use the pulley with the 7/16 holes i would need to put some sort of reducer in the holes to bring them down to 3/8 so there would be no slop or movement in the bolts - seeing how much it will be torqued back and forth it must fit exactly - well i had an extra pulley in the house so i went to compare them - well they had two different size holes - 7/16 and 3/8 - so i grabbed the 3/8 and the project was back on track - did different models use different size bolts ? - did maybe the models with pto's have bigger bolts to support the extra torque ? - or was my pulley modified ? - it looks original - the manual i looked at shows 3/8 " bolts - did ccka flywheel have different bolts than cckb flywheel - one cckb flywheel i have has 3/8 bolt holes and the other 7/16 - what size bolts do others have ? - im interested because this could be a potential problem for others changing motors - thanks [img]http://www.simpletractors.com/club2//attach/schaefer72/honda%20pics%20019.jpg[/img]

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