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Unofficial Home of Old Simplicity & Allis-Chalmers Garden Tractors


Registration is free and encouraged. If you are not already registered you can join by clicking here.  http://simpletractors.com/register/

We are a family oriented site and participation is a privilege and not an entitlement. Similarly, this whole site was established as a "social club" and not just yet another website or discussion forum.  Consequently, anonymity is not allowed.  You must disclose your real identity and location.  We will not sell nor provide this information, and it is only visible to dues-paying club members and not to casual users nor guests (see below) who are just browsing the site.  We simply will not tolerate anonymous "keyboard warriors."  Our goal has always been to build a community of like-minded enthusiasts.

You can see our complete Privacy Policy at this link, or by using the link on the bottom of every page.  http://simpletractors.com/privacy/

Membership levels and when they are reached:

  • Guest / Not logged In / Validating - This is self explanatory. Not all features of Simple trACtors are available to this usergroup. The only ability to reply is in response to a Classified ad. If you are a registered member you can overcome this by logging in. If you are not already a member with us you can register at the link above, after all it is free.
  • User - When a user registers and has validated their account, they are provided more access, and allowed to post or reply in some forums, and to place a classified ad. They are also allowed to view others profiles (though some info is restricted) and to send/receive Private Messages through the site.
  • Club Member – Members pay $10 a year to support the site. This gives them full access to all areas of the site (file downloads, links directory, tech articles, etc.) and allows them to participate in club elections, competitions, and enjoy the forums without distracting ads.

You can read more about Member Benefits here. http://simpletractors.com/member-benefits/

General posting guidelines:

  • This is a friendly, fun and family oriented community. If you cannot post without being offensive then you need to go elsewhere.
  • Before starting a new thread or post, please try to search for your answer first. This will help eliminate multiple posts on the same questions that might have been answered already.
  • Before submitting your topic or new reply please read it as if you were the person on the other end. Did you adequately describe the problem that you are encountering, or the question that you are asking?  Is your answer clearly stated, and not likely to be offensive or misunderstood?
  • We know that not all people are well versed and have proper grammar. Trying to use proper punctuation goes a long way,as does using  paragraphs in long posts.
  • Refrain from posting degrading, or belittling comments. These go nowhere and will lead to a permanent ban from the site.
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