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I bought this B-210 with hydrolift, 42" mower deck, 36" snowblower and 42" snow/dirt blade in August 1998.  I soon went on the internet trying to find manuals and more information for it.  I found a few people who could share a few clues -- I didn't even know of the Simplicity connection then -- and kept on digging for information.  Finally, I asked a few other folks with similar interests if they'd be interested in setting up a group or site just for these tractors.  It started as a Yahoo Group on Dec 15, 1998, and went from there.

Kind of like the site, the B-210 evolved with a .freshly rebuilit .030 over late model 16HP (ring-gear start and Magnetron), a Sundstrand hyrostatic transmission transplanted in, and more... 
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Now that they have been up and running for a while, and this newest release added the capability for a "Store" for a seller's items to be organized into, I'm looking for some feedback on the whole Classifieds section of the site..

How are these ads working for you sellers?

How are these ads working for you buyers?

What is causing problems and what needs improved?


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Rather than a simple poll, I'm soliciting more detailed feedback on this new site software.  Now that it has been running for a while, and we've just undergone a major release that added a few new features, I'd like some specific feedback.

1.  What are you finding really nice or beneficial, in comparison to the old site?

2.  What are you finding difficult or causing you problems, in comparison to the old site?

3.  What features/functions of the old site have you found to be totally missing in this new software?  Note that I am aware that some of the old content still has not been converted to the new Research Section.

4.  What areas of the site, or what functions do you think are so difficult that creating a Tutorial to explain them would be helpful or valuable to new users?

5.  Any other improvements that you would like to see?  No promises, but something you'd like might be easily added....

Thanks so much for your feedback, and your continued loyalty and patience. 

Do you realize that we'll celebrate our 19th anniversary in about six weeks?  That must equate to a century or more in "internet years!"  We need to start thinking about how we can celebrate our 20th anniversary next year....
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1965 - Photo Inside Port Washington Assembly
I enjoy collecting original literature...began with wanting manuals for the machines or implements I had, then turned into brochures, price lists and then dealer and marketing jnfo, binders etc.  Now I have been able to get my hands on a few photos, the most recent of which is my favorite.  I believe these were taken probably for the local paper as there is a cutout paper caption placed on the reverse of the photo.  The date was Nov 23, 1965 and in the photo you can clearly see Landlords in final assembly and being crated.  Behind them, Walk behind tractors and waaaay out back there is a Broadmoor peeking. Off to the left is a Wonderboy and if you are able to zoom in there can be seen drums of lift handles, racks of Briggs engines and stacks of tires.  Pretty neat. 

The news caption also calls out the recent sale to Allis Chalmers. It would have been pretty nifty to see a Big Ten in line behind the Landlord...
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Until Kent can re-establish the download link, use this for downloading operators and parts information.

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