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Unofficial Home of Old Simplicity & Allis-Chalmers Garden Tractors

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    for Allis-Chalmers


    Click each picture for a closer view.

    Overlapping blade design for a smooth uniform cut The leading blade is placed ahead and all blades are interchangeable. The mower attaches to the front axle so as axle pivots over dips and ridges, the mower floats and follows on its rollers. 14 and 12 hp tractors accept both 42" and 48" mowers. The 10 hp tractor handles the 42" mower only.

    deck.jpg (20010 bytes)

    vacuum.jpg (20882 bytes)

    Attach this vacuum collector to your tractor and make your lawn come clean. Picks up clippings, leaves and debris to give your lawn that professional Lawn Lover look. 
    Lawn revitalizer is a combination dethatcher-aerator. Makes your lawn look its level best by bringing lawn-choking thatch to the surface for sweeping . . . while cutting grooves in the soil for air, water, fertilizer and seed.

    revitalizer.jpg (25303 bytes)

    tiller.jpg (21878 bytes)

    Rotary tiller is a big 36" wide. Digs down to 7" and blends the soil for better planting and growing results.
    Spring tooth harrow loosens and levels the soil. Vibrating action of spring tines helps break up the ground. 

    spring_tooth.jpg (29090 bytes)


    Source: AC sales catalog, Yard Power for Lawn Lovers,  1971(?), courtesy of Steve Johnson

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