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    For 10,12, and 14 hp tractors

    ROTARY TILLER  - Rule the earth with this long lasting 36 rotary tiller. Dig deep. . . down to 7 inches and remain in full control at all times. The tiller blends the soil instead of pulverizing it, for better planting and growing results.

    NON-SCALP MOWER - Non-scalping mower has an over-­lapping pattern for a uniform cut. The leading blade is placed ahead of the other two, and all are interchange­able. Choose 42" or 48" models for 12 and 14 hp tractors  . . .42" model for the 10 hp tractor.

    DOZER BLADE - Turn your 10, 12, or 14 hp tractor into a mover with a 46" dozer blade. Moves snow, gravel, and topsoil, to save you hours of shovel work. The blade has a spring trip, allowing it to graze over obstacles. Rigid mounted 42" blade also available.

    ROLLER - Instant compacting of new seed-beds, lawns and driveways. Just add water and you're ready to roll. Attaches with just one pin, so you're set for professional lawn care in seconds.

    DUMP CART - Half-ton capacity rubber tired dump cart makes a clean haul quickly. Dumps easily and empties completely without disconnecting. Fits all models.

    SNOW THROWER - A ton of snow? One minute please. That's all it takes to clear a ton of snow and throw it up to 60 feet away. Snow thrower comes in 36" or 42" sizes for 10, 12, and 14 hp tractors. Discharge chute is adjustable right from the tractor seat to an arc over 190° eliminates drifting.

    GRADER BLADE - Center-mounted grader blade angles either right or left to shape ground beautifully and exactly. Coupled with the electric lift, the grader blade gives you pin-point control. The 42" blade is reversible for extra wear.

    VACUUM COLLECTOR - Attach the vacuum collector to your mower and make your lawn come clean. Clippings, leaves, and debris vanish and your lawn takes on that manicured look.

    MOLDBOARD PLOW - This 10" plow gives professional farming attention to your garden. Adjust to the depth you want quickly and accurately. Free floating, free swinging action for a smooth job.

    CULTIVATOR - Mount a row crop cultivator for a weed free garden. Comes with either double pointed teeth or sweeps.

    GANG MOWER - Gangway! Five gang mower cuts 4-1/2 acres an hour at 5 mph. Overlapping mower pattern cuts an 8 foot wide path. Three gang mower also available.

    FOGGER - The Blitz Fogger attachment kills an acre pesky insects in just ten minutes. Dry fog comes out in thick cloud and seeps into every insect hiding place, searching and destroying.

    LAWN REVITALIZER - Combination dethatcher - aerator.  Brings lawn-choking thatch to surface for sweeping. Cu grooves in soil to permit air, water and fertilizer to reach roots. Grooves provide ideal seed bed.

    SPRAYER - Sprays through even the densest foliage a rate of 3 gallons a minute at 300 psi. All common insecticides, fungicides and weed killers can be sprayed efficiently with this unit.

    GENERATOR - Power to spare for any outdoor job corn from this 1500 watt mobile generator. Rated at 115 volt 11-13 amps, the generator comes with a volt meter ai two outlets.

    BROOM - This 48" wide, 26" diameter broom sweeps most everything from its path ” leaves, clippings, twigs, dirt, and snow up to 8 inches deep.

    GILL SPIKER ” Every rotation of the 36" wide spiker drives 80 holes in the ground. Prevents surface water run off, stimulates root growth, and loosens bare spots to p pare them for seeding.

    [SOURCE: Allis-Chalmers Outdoor Products flyer, OP-11022, Mar 71]

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