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    let Allis-Chalmers handle the work .  .  . 
    you handle the fun!

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    out-front features and durability

    Yardpower and plenty of it! That's what's in store for you this year from Allis-Chalmers. The complete line-up of lawn and garden tractors has been engineered and designed to give you the power you need to handle any job. . . any season!

    Add on versatility is available in minutes. One minute it™s a mower, the next minute it™s a grader. Every minute it™s a dependable worker. . . and the minutes of work no longer stretch into endless hours.

    New features galore mark the 300 series tractors. Rugged, dependable 10, 12 and 14 hp Kohler engines are standard. Enclosed mufflers and power take-off points, plus large footrest assure the utmost in safety and convenience. Even the steering gear is enclosed to keep it free from dirt.

    Every tractor, from the husky little 6 hp to the brawny 14 hp model, is backed by Allis-Chalmers ”the tractor people." And your dealer is equipped to give your tractor the famed Allis-Chalmers solid, dependable service. Pick out a tractor that fits your needs and let the fun begin!

    HIGH-STRENGTH STEEL FRAMES...DESIGNED FOR MAXIMUM TRACTOR STABILITY.  Rugged, channel frames are of 10 gauge steel. Frames are designed with a low center of gravity to assure maximum tractor stability and safety when working on hills or uneven ground.

    FREE-FLOATING AXLE AND MOWER DESIGNS. On 10, 12 and 14 hp tractors, the mower attaches to a free-floating axle. As the axle pivots over dips and ridges, the mower follows. . . always parallel to the ground for smooth, even mowing. The same free-floating, ground following action is standard on the 8, 7 and 6 hp models.

    CONTROLLED-TRACTION DIFFERENTIAL. Similar to the differential system found on most cars. Automatically transfers power from the wheel that slips to the wheel that grips to get you out of tight, slippery spots with ease. (On 10, 12 and 14 hp tractors only.)

    BRIGGS & STRATTON AND KOHLER ENGINES.  Built to our own exacting specifications.  Briggs & Stratton engines are standard on all 8, 7, and 6 hp tractors. The 14, 12 and 10 hp models feature Kohler engines.

    HIGH-FLOTATION TIRES. All Allis-Chalmers lawn and garden tractor tires are designed for maximum flotation and traction. They apply less pressure per-square-inch to your lawn than you do on foot.

    FAST, EASY IMPLEMENT HOOK-UP. Any Allis-Chalmers implement can be hooked-up in minutes, without tools. The 10 hp, 12 hp and 14 hp tractors have multiple power take-off points: to drive front, center, or rear mounted implements. The 8, 7, and 6 hp have front and center PTO™s.

    EASY ACCESS TO ENGINE.  Just unsnap and lift the hood. Entire engine, gas tank and battery come into view, ready for your inspection or routine preventive maintenance.

    ATTACHMENT LIFT SYSTEM.  (10, 12 and 14 hp only) Either manual or electric control lets you raise and lower attachments right from the driver's seat.

    HYDROSTATIC AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION. (12 and 14 hp tractors). . . puts an infinitely variable speed range at your fingertips.  No clutch.  No gears to shift.  Moving the control lever adjusts tractor ground speed to match working conditions.

    VARI-SHIFT TRANSMISSION. (10, 12 and 14 hp tractors). . . combines the fingertip ease of an automatic with all the direct-drive muscle of a manual.  You have a choice of 7 speed ranges in any of 3 gear selections. . . constant speed control through 21 forward speeds.

    STANDARD 3-SPEED TRANSMISSION. (8, 7, and 6 hp tractors). . . delivers optimum performance in each of 3 gear settings. . . just the right combination of speed and power to match nearly any lawn and garden job.

    [SOURCE: Allis-Chalmers Outdoor Products flyer, OP-11022, Mar 71]

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