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    Compost Grinder





    314H_ac-9.jpg (35562 bytes)
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    MODEL 9-AC for Allis-Chalmers Riding Tractors, 
    Series 100, 200 and 300

    Mounts to most Allis Chalmers Tractors. By using our shredder-grinder you can process leaves, flower stalks, corn stalks, weeds, manure, garbage, weed vines, grape vines, hedge cuttings, tree pruning limbs up to 11/2'' diameter into a fine growing medium. Fine potting soil can be produced by passing peat and soil through this machine. Your tractor will transport the shredder and provide driving power. Shred newspaper, cardboard, tin cans.

    Enrich your garden by returning organic materials to the soil as nature intended. Make your own mulch from leaves or tree prunings. Each shredder is shipped with one screen having 1" diameter holes. Easily removable for the insertion of other special purpose screens, bar screen for shredding, ½" screen for potting soil.(these are optional)

    The balanced rotor has 24 hardened steel hammers, free swinging for true hammer mill action. Each hammer has four cutting edges providing many years of use. Heavy duty external ball bearings. Epoxy paint.

    width 22" - length 30"
    height 29" - wt. 115 lb


    *  Manufacturer's suggested list prices.  (F.O.B. Factory)

    width 22" - length 52"
    height 35" - wt. 165 lb.


    9p_shredder.jpg (39076 bytes)
    Self-powered Mighty Mac shredder grinder -- Model 9-P with 4 hp or 5 hp engine.
    110_ac-9.jpg (46669 bytes)
    Model 9-AC mounted on a B-110 tractor. Shredding corn stalks and tree prunings.


    You are cautioned that the manufacturer will not be responsible for injuries caused by the improper operation of the shredder such as placing any part of your body or clothing in the feeding or discharge area.


    Amerind-MacKissic Inc.
    Box 111, Parker Ford, Pa. 19457

    Source:  Dealer sales flyer, date unknown, courtesy of Del Allen

    Edited by Kent

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