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    400 Series Tractors from Allis-Chalmers


    Click each feature highlighted above to view a closeup

    New shuttle drive for smooth forward/reverse changes... hydrostatic and 3-speed transmissions also available


    Strong mower housing prevents penetration of stones, wires and nails... shielded and baffled for extra safety... meets all safety standards


    Automotive type cam lever steering gives you precise operator control to move in close


    Mower attaches to front axle... moves with the front wheels to follow contours for a smooth, clean cut without scalping


    Clearly marked controls plus interlocks to prevent starting while transmission or PTO is engaged


    Electric PTO is standard... electric lift is available as a dealer installed option


    ...for the man who takes more pride in his lawn

    Source:  AC Sales Brochure, OP-1125, 1973, courtesy of Chris Geise

    Edited by Kent

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