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    600 Series Attachments


    Attachments . . . hook-ups to match your power-plan

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    vac_cart.jpg (29325 bytes)

    4 H.P. VACUUM COLLECTOR . . . cuts and cleans up a mower-width swath of grass and anything laying on it. Air lift of blades and 4 H.P. auxiliary engine picks up and chops leaves, twigs and clippings and delivers directly to covered cart. Optional roving nozzle cleans out window-wells, under shrubs, along hedge-rows . . .  lawn party debris,

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    mowing_deck.jpg (39482 bytes)

    42 & 36-INCH THREE BLADE MOWERS . . . free floating with non-scalp action. Mower attaches directly to front axle . . . rides on full-length rollers to move with up/down and side-to-side pivoting of the axle itself. Fully enclosed top deck.
    32" ROTARY SNOW THROWER . . . Winterized chute adjusts as you throw . . . 260 degrees. Belt-driven auger, no shear pros. Big throat, high auger speed and large discharge chute handle heavy, wet snow without clogging. Adjustable skid shoes let you scrape hard surfaces or skim over snow-covered gravel. 

    snowthrower.jpg (61942 bytes)

    grader_blade.jpg (30899 bytes)

    40-INCH GRADER BLADE . . . center- mounted to give you a direct over-view of your work. Knocks off road and driveway crowns and ridges, fills in tracks and washouts. Clears shoulders. Levels lawn areas. Blade angles left or right . . . cuts below tread level.
    30-INCH ROTARY TILLER . . . aggressive tines cut through sod. soil and garden trash . . . work up a thoroughly mixed seedbed or stir up the soil between crop rows. Deep tailgate and enclosed ends keep the action under cover.

    tiller.jpg (45324 bytes)

    dump_cart.jpg (36677 bytes) DUMP CARTS . . . 4 cubic feet or 10 cubic feet capacities. Dump clean without unhitching. Heavy steel body. Great way to take the muscle work out of carrying your workload the year 'round.
    42-INCH SNOWPLOW AND DOZER BLADE . . . lets you push a lot of winter around, or handles light dozer work in loose gravel or shallow back-filling. Blade angles left or right from tractor seat. Adjustable skid shoes. Reversible scraper bar.

    snow_dozer.jpg (28156 bytes)

    lawn_sweeper.jpg (35496 bytes)

    31-INCH LAWN SWEEPER . . . picks up clippings, thatch, leaves. Tough, synthetic brushes. Basket dumps from tractor seat with pull cord. You raise or lower brushes on-the-go.

    [Source: AC brochure, Building big ones has made our small ones better, 1974]

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